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Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco

He has no affiliation with the Masonry.   Strangers to the galaxy of Orders born out of nothing without any legitimate historical continuity or Neo-Templar associations, Masonic, initiatory with great masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to accumulate money.

The only one purpose must be that of mutuality and the awakening of consciousness. Nothing another, as it was for our predecessors

Main purpose Spiritual Academy : The Academy of the Order of the Temple has as its primary purpose that of creating an Oasis of Peace, to improve oneself and Humanity in general, in the continuous progress of mankind towards Happiness, Wellness and Solidarity. Anyone interested in participating, contact us. Help us share this message with your friends, thank you all.

Think Tank Monte-Carlo Committee: an entrepreneurship open to the world. We are an international institution, with its reference points in various countries and areas of the world, to expand the international network. Monte Carlo Commission, Center for Strategic and International affairs.

VISION: Develop and led a series of global initiatives that help to create a bridge between knowledge and business markets areas, etablish régional and international networks, such as international peace, international economics, environmental issues, information and society, poverty alleviation.

Conte Jean Pierre Giudicelli

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