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Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco

The Order of the Temple is an entity, non-political, non-religious, independent, social and supranational, which is established for development in international cooperation and interaction. A soul, an ethic and a spiritual against power that inside it has a think tank, an incubator of the brains, to give the possibility of speaking and sharing in equality. He works in metaphysics and the awakening of consciences. The modern Templars are an active part in the creation of a world in which every human being can fully participate in the harmonious and balanced development of all his possibilities. The noble trades of the ancient cavalry are perpetuated. He defends acquired freedoms, promotes obligatory reforms, works of life, mercy, charity, progress, his neighbor.

He has no affiliation with the Masonry.   Strangers to the galaxy of Orders bins or Neo-Templar associations, Masonic, initiatory with great masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to collect money.

The only one purpose must be that of mutuality and the awakening of consciousness. Nothing another, as it was for our predecessors


Conte Jean Pierre Giudicelli

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