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Registration for the Academy of our Study Center is open. The aims of the academy and to learn the necessary techniques has to live in the present moment, the key to happiness and success towards well-being, and to learn to grasp wisdom from silence and use silence to create and become an actor in your life and no effect of situations. Training the ability to use the right cerebral hemisphere, our intuitive part connected to the superconscious. The registration fee is Euro 20 per month, by way of reimbursement of expenses, payable on the current account banking of the association in a single advance solution. Enrollment in the study center will only be aimed at the didactic preparation of the students who want to approach following our personalized coaching courses, through: video lessons, suggestions of texts to read and comment on and, the possibility to participate in the annual seminars that will be organized by our teachers in the halls of the headquarters in the center of Montecarlo. Students, will NOT be knights, only after a sufficient period of study and dedication, and after having carried out personalized coaching, they will become patron members, after learning how to live the presence in the here and now.

When they demonstrate that they are sufficiently informed on our path and our goals, they will be able become knights with all honors.

The only one purpose must be that of mutuality and the awakening if consciousness - nothing another - as it was our predecessors

The International Christian Assembly is a study center of the Order of Knights Templar de Jerusalem of the Principality of Monaco, a social entity established for development in international cooperation and interaction. Is non-political, non-religious, independent and supranational. He has no affiliation with the Masonry. Strangers to the galaxy of Orders born out of nothing without any legitimate historical continuity or Neo-Templar associations, Masonic, initiatory with great masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to accumulate money. The ICA is called to unite the efforts of Christians in various countries to defend the "gnosis". The main goal is to create channels and possibilities that allow it to propose the necessary solution to global problems and provide suggestions to institutions for the direction and nature of world development in the future. Defending and strengthening spirituality in the world, spreading healthy values, healthy principles.

Domizio Cipriani - Gran Prior - Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco


Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

Domizio Cipriani

Grand Prior Magister


Imperator of the Metropolitan House of initiation - Order of Orient



Dr. Edgardo Marziani

Senechal du grand Prieuré

Conte Andreas Graf von Thun und Hohenstein

Magisterial Visitor

Conte Andreas Graf von Thun und Hohenstein


Cornelio Bernardo Bertero

Commander and Grand Chancellor Magister of Monaco

S.E. Ph.D. Daniel CARO

President of the Parvis F.A.R+C

Prof. Gino Sandri

Grand Natonnier of the Priory of Sion

S. E. Ing. Adamo Fucci

Knight Templar Honorem

Officialis, Excellence

S.E. Prof. Raphaël PACHIAUDI

Knight Templar Magna Crucis

Archivist and bibliophile of the Order

S. E. Prof. Michel LACROIX

Regent of the "Collégiale Al-Chimia" F.A.R + C

Simone Vacca

Host of the order and head of the civil protection department

Scientific Committee Physic quantistic

Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar
Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco

Giovanni Vota

Ing. Giovanni Vota

Video of the Ing. Giovanni Vota

Nicoletta Todesco

Nicoletta Todesco

Barbara Goia

Barbara Goia

Costantino Mazzanobile d'Arargona

Conte - Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Costantino Mazzanobile of Aragon, professor of natural medicine and naturopath and medical-scientific writer. He is a member of the global scientific committee of longevity and of the medical research center of the New York University Hospital medical Center. President of the Aloe Solidale non-profit organization and expert in the research of Prof. John Lee on natural progesterone and SPM.

International academic center

Wellness Universe

Dr. Paola Caddeo

Gemologist with a great passion for natural products, after her experience in the use of medical and complementary therapies she decided to create a universe of wellness as a meeting point with all the people who want to approach natural products for themselves and their animals Pets.
Imre Ferenc Barna

Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Imre Ferenc Barna Currently works at the Wigner Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at the ELI-ALPS in Szeged. Imre does research in laser-matter interaction and analytic solutions of non-linear PDEs of flows.

Philippe Bobola

Philosophiae Doctor in Physics

Son parcours a d'abord commence' par un Doctorat en physique, puis la biologie qui l'a fait penetrer la complexite du vivant et pour finir l'anthropologie, la psychanalyse adlerienne et le coaching sont venus completer de facon evidente et naturelle cet itineraire de - cherchant -

Stefano Varjas


Istvan Attila Varjas - Autodidact, Intuitive, Inventions, 'Pettifogging' Nuclear and Theoretical PhysicistInventor - Researcher.

Ilona Csattos

Ilona Csattos

Writer, self-knowledge teacher, life coach, mindful presence mentor

Dr. Edgardo Marziani

Edgardo Marziani

Franco Quillico

Adjunct Professor of Strategy and Finance

MIP School of Management - Politecnico di Milano and the University of Principality of Monaco

Outline of the course Strategy and Finance

These course patterns are indicative since all courses are highly customized to reflect customer needs

Dr. Sandro Compagnoni

Dr. Sandro Compagnoni

Guarantor of rights

Ing. Adamo Fucci

Ing. Adamo Fucci

Computer Engineering, Author, Ufologist

Honorem Templar Knight, Excellence and "Officialis"

Dr. Diego Antolini

Dr. Diego Antolini

Press officer

Foundation Teslianum  ( Belgrado )

Teslianum is the first small and medium company in South-Eastern Europe which began expertise in the field of providing advisory services in the field of market research studies as a basis for strategic positioning definition of different target groups: industrial companies, SMEs, non-profitable organisations, chambers of commerce, industrial associations, cities and local municipalities..

Foundation Gustavo Adolfo ROL ( Torino )

Gustavo Adolfo ROL

Fondazione Gustavo ROL di Torino

Gustavo Adolfo Rol (Turin, 20 June 1903 - Turin, 22 September 1994) was an Italian spiritual master of the twentieth century, endowed with charisms or siddhis of extraordinary variety and extension, not yet accepted or proven by official science, but in agreement with the spiritual tradition of all peoples.

Giorgio Balestrieri

Dott. Mario Castellano

Magisterial Legate


Jelincic Zmago

Robert Traian

Magistral Legate for Eastern European countries

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Prof. Giorgio Baietti

Author and historian

Luca Valentini

Author e researcher

Luca Jibo

Musician, music and

video Producer

Alicia Erazo

International High Commissioner of Human Rights

CIDHU for Europe, Asia and Oceania

Sergio Pallanca

Expert in symbology and medieval history

Vincenzo Lagana'

Astrologer and researcher

Riccardo Terzoli

Author e researcher

Sanja Mihaljinac


Luca la Bella

Official Press Manager

Raphael Pachiaudi

Coordinator, archivist and

bibliophile of the Order

Leo Zagami

Author e researcher

HRH Angelique Monet

Activist put Award winning Actress

Producer, Musician, Pioneer in Arts and Entertainment

World Peace, Social Justice and Conservation Activist

Humanitarian, Living Legend

Biography HRH Princess Angelique Monet

Angelique Monet an American known as a model, actress, film producer, celebrity television hostess, musician, socialite humanitarian and is former Ms. Black South Carolina USA. Monet attended St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, North Carolina graduating with a degree in mass communications. In 2001, she performed on Theater Row in New York City her one-woman Off-Broadway show “Multiple Me” written by Edgar Chisholm, where she portrayed several personalities and her ventriloquist figure had multiple personalities in addition to those Monet portrayed. This changed modern day ventriloquism at the start of the millenium. She is best known as a ventriloquist for her proficiency with Auntie, Gracie the Pig, Milk the Cow, and Lil Licious. She is listed top 25 "Most Famous Angelique's" ever, and top 5 Most Famous Monet Sir Name ever. Though she is not paid due to "public domain" her image is sold world wide as a work of art as "Beauty Talent Angelique Monet," "The Very Beautiful Angelique Monet.


Monet was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised in Greenville, South Carolina by her Mother and Maternal Grandparents. She is descended from enslaved Africans, Native Americans, and Europeans settlers on both mother and father's side of the family. Globally she is considered mixed race heritage. As a child Monet suffered from a learning disability and did not talk until the age 5. Once she began talking she was behind in school and was placed in temporary special education by the fifth grade. Through piano classes within one year Monet was ready in some levels for high school (age 9). She mentions being bullied which is why she also taught herself ventriloquism being influenced from the films 'MAGIC,' 'Twilight Zone The Dummy,' and Sheri Lewis with Lampchop. Through ventriloquism, Monet found her voice and used ventriloquism as her main talent in pageants at Greenville, High School the same high school Joanne Woodward attended and like Woodward pageantry. Coming from a lineage of African Americans in politics, Monet is the Grand-daughter and raised in the home of Senator Theo Walker Mitchell of Greenville, South Carolina who was the second African American in the United States of America to receive a major party nomination (Democratic for Governor) in the late 80’s. She is also related to many pioneers to American politics and civil rights leaders. She was raised in the African American Episcopal Church and in early childhood was a member of Jack and Jill (organization) an African American prestigious social group. She got accepted to Howard University and wanted to study with James Earl Jones but was encouraged to go to a smaller HBCU and attended St. Augustitne's College where she joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and she did charity work for the organization.


As of August 2019 she was made a “Living Legend,” by the prestigious HBCU “Historical Black Colleges and Universities” for her contribution to “The Arts.” She has also received honors endorsed by Former Prime Minister Theresa May for her “contribution in the arts” in the GAB Awards UK “Africa’s Finest.” During the 72nd United Nations Sessions for her contributions on “World Peace through the Arts and Pan African Icon she received the “Blessings of Africa Iconic Leadership Award,” endorsed by H.E. Mrs. Aisha Muhammandu Buhari and H.E. Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow. Monet has even been honored and supported at the prestigious UCLA along with Afriq 360 and the Black Student Union (2016), Global Icon Awards at United Nations (2016), and Women Make Change British Arab Chamber of Commerce (2020). She also recognized by the Asian Academy of Arts founded by Sandeep Marwah with the Dr. Sarojini Naidu "The Nightingale of India" International Award for her sincere growth to the country of India September 2020 and World Peace Leader with UNESCO Center for Peace September 2020.


She began her career at the age of 16 through internships at the Urban League and worked her way to being a journalist and has been on-air/ behind the scenes at NBC, CBS, UPN, PBS, and syndication of her own television children’s show in top markets by the age of 20. Her first major feature film was an urban hip hop film starring Wu-Tang Clan Killah Priest and Remy Ma with her character "Von." She then went onto writing and acting in her own productions through her company Greta Joanne Entertainment. Films have been distributed world wide theatrical and digitally while premiering at prestigious festivals, including Festival de Cannes. This includes Feature Film Deceptive which was theatrically released in New York City through Reliance Media Works at Big Cinema. She is also known as Executive Producer of films such as Tagore 3D Rabindranath Tagore. Additional films she wrote, produced and acted in include "Engaging," starring Latin Sensation Tito Puente Jr., Angel Salazar (Scarface, Carlito's Way), Steven Bauer.


Seeing the need to assist minorities in global distribution, and exposure, she formulated the Hamptons Black International Film Festival which ran from 2008 to 2011 in Montauk, New York and Sag Harbor, New York. In 2011 she Founded Artisan Festival International World Peace Initiative, a global movement to utilize all components of the arts to help in World Peace Relations. The organization is now within the outreach campaign of 'New Generation In Action' a United Nations approved NGO with ECOSOC Consultative Status. The group aids in humanitarian efforts in the promotion of film, fine art, fashion, music, in addition to youth and women empowerment campaigns to promote world peace, cultural diversity, underserved and under-represented people, and economic stability through the arts and hosts events in the Hamptons USA and Cannes, France during Festival de Cannes.


Monet is also Founder of Nothing On Television TV, a Video On Demand digital platform which first launched on DISH Satellite TV. She has interviewed top tier veterans such as Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman, Golden Globe Winner Alan Alda, Music Mogul Russel Simmons, David Morse, Olivia Wilde, John Slattery, Ezra Miller, Blythe Danner, Shailene Woodley, Penelope Ann Miller, James Cromwell, Christie Brinkley, Matthe Broderick, the late Albert Maysles, the late Anton Yelchin. The platform was launched in 2011, and was one of the first OTT (SVOD, AVOD, PPV) set ups owned by a woman and specifically an African American woman. In the growing demand for OTT platforms during COVID-19 and studies Monet Founded AM ONE TV and AM ONE FESTIVAL the first platform aimed specifically for “Made by Smartphone,” with an E-learning Academy. Monet is the Founder of the 1st film Festival for UNESCO Center for Peace and smartphones was the main medium for creation of content.


The multi-media talent is also a singer and composer with an album on iTunes/ digital platforms and has performed on stage as a ventriloquist for Grammy Winner Brian McKnight, comedians Sinbad, legendary Paul Mooney. She is known for her proficiency with characters Auntie, Gracie the Pig, Milk the Cow and Lil Licious. In 2012 Milk the Cow ran as a write in candidate for President of the United States. She has also performed with Indian musician and dancer Chevalier Dr. Raghunath Manet the first time a jazz singer has sang over the veena during Namaste Festival Paris at Petit Palais. Monet has also performed for the United Nations Women Guild at the United Nations Headquarters as a singer and ventriloquist for the Women’s Bizarre under the Patronage of Catrina Marques de Almeida Vaz Pinto, events during Festival de Cannes, Parliament of the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg in front of European Commission Chairman Jean-Claude Juncker for the Luxembourg Peace Prize, and United Kingdom House of Parliament during Black History Month UK.


Monet is also a fine artist and her works have exhibited in Monaco, Cote d'Azur and the Hamptons USA. Her works primarily are considered abstract expresssionist taking on the likes of Jackson Pollack.


Monet is a public speaker who has spoken at the African Union Headquarters in New York City with Former United Nations Ambassador His Excellency Tete Antonio, and Her Excellency Amb. Fatima Mohammed, the United Nations for Gandhi Day, Children's Day. Her dialogue specializes in world peace relations, indigenous preservation, self esteem, girl and women empowerment, disabilities, mental health and conservation. As a conservationist and humanitarian she has assisted in charity event committees with Socialite Georgina Bloomberg (Hamptons, USA Hamptons Classic), Christie Brinkley, Madame Isabelle Kocher former CEO of energy company ENGIE (NYC Headquarters United Nations) and has worked with the late Joseph Jackson to preserve the legacy of the late Michal Jackson.


Monet is also known for her contribution in contributing to India for her role in the "arts and humanitarian" and "Make in India"


Monet has worked in charity since childhood. In her adult life she is an active member of lady auxiliary groups such as Order of Eastern Star, and works actively as a Board Member with many NGO's that hold Consultative Status with the United Nations which includes her own. She also is an advocate and active in preserving artisans of India and "Make in India," and sits on many boards based in India and also is a lifetime member of the World Peace Development and Research Foundation a division of the Asian Society of Film and Television. She also mentors youth in the arts and highlights artisans in the Indgienous communities. Through the use of media and film she advocates causes such as conservation, world peace, social justice, girl and women empowerment, self esteem, mental health, education and health care for all.

Monet holds the following Royal and nobility titles:

Through adoption Angelique Monet is the Grand-daughter of William Christopher Adedoyin, who was a traditional ruler who held the title of Akarigbo of Ijebu-Remo from 1916-1952. She was named her royal Yoruba Name Ademiposi meaning "My Crowns Have Increased." This event took place during Festival de Cannes in 2019. She has worked to help faciliate initiatives to bring peace for the descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade that was also attended and endorsed by United Nations Goodwill Ambassador Queen Mother Delois Blakely to also honor the Year of Return 1619 which paid tribute to 400 years post slavery in the United States of America. Monet wrote, and directed a film and smartphone webisode centered around the event.

Angelique Monet is also a 1st Class Member of the Order of Malta, and Cavalier of the Order of St. Jerusalem. She also has Princess titles dating back to Medieval Times from Europe through fount of honour. She is known as "World Peace Princess, Peace Princess, and Global Advocate and the only Peace Advocate Princess (Alamy, a service with over 200,000,000 images).

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Presentation of the "Quantum Psychology" school

and three-year course of "Quantum Wellness Sciences

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Order of Knights Templar

Principality of Monaco

Presentation of the "Quantum Psychology" school

and three-year course of "Quantum Wellness Sciences


Ing. Giovanni Vota

Domizio Cipriani Grand Prior Magister

Prof. Nicoletta Todesco

Prof. Imre Ferenc Barna

Prof. Stefano Varjas

Roberto Ago Center for Higher International Political Studies

Vincenzo Lagana'

Ing. Adamo Fucci

The UFO phenomenon will be clearer to you, the less abstract religious mysteries, the less magical powers of the mind.

Prof. Franco Quillico

Domizio Cipriani books

Registration is open for the academy of our study center. The goal of the academy is to learn the techniques necessary to live in the present moment, the key to happiness, success and well-being, to learn to grasp wisdom from silence, the use of silence to create and become a actor in your life. Training the ability to use the right cerebral hemisphere, our intuitive part connected to the superconscious. The registration fee is 20 Euros per month, as a reimbursement of expenses, to be paid to the bank account of the association in a single advance solution. Enrollment in the study center will be aimed exclusively at the didactic preparation of the students who want to approach following our personalized coaching courses, through: video lessons, suggestions for texts to read and comment on and, the possibility of participating in the annual seminars that will be organized by our teachers in the halls of the center of Montecarlo. Students will not be knights, only after a sufficient period of study and dedication, and after carrying out personalized coaching, will they be 'protector members', after having learned to live the presence in the here and now.

When they demonstrate that they are sufficiently informed on our path and our goals, they will be able become knights with all honors.