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Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

The International Christian Assembly is a study center of the Order of Knights Templar de Jerusalem of the Principality of Monaco, a social entity established for development in international cooperation and interaction. Is non-political, non-religious, independent and supranational. He has no affiliation with the Masonry. Strangers to the galaxy of Orders bins or Neo-Templar associations, Masonic, initiatory with great masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to collect money.


The "ICA" is called to unite the efforts of Christians in various countries to defend Christianity and the "gnosis". The main goal of the "ICA" is to create channels and possibilities that allow it to propose the necessary solution to global problems and provide suggestions to institutions for the direction and nature of world development in the future. Defending and strengthening spirituality in the world, spreading healthy values, healthy principles. Everyone can participate for free and be included in the international forum, interested parties can send us their letter of free motivation and their c.v. and will be automatically inserted into the database for sharing.

Domizio Cipriani - Gran Prior - Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco


Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

Domizio Cipriani

Grand Prior Magister

Conte Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie

Imperator of the Metropolitan House of initiation - Order of Orient

Conte Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie


Dr. Edgardo Marziani

Senechal du Grand Prieur

Conte Andreas Graf von Thun und Hohenstein

Magisterial Visitor

Conte Andreas Graf von Thun und Hohenstein


Cornelio Bernardo Bertero

Commander and Grand Chancellor Magister of Monaco

Simone Vacca

Host of the order and head of the civil protection department

Ing. Adamo Fucci

KTH, Excellence and Grand Secretary Magister

Scientific Committee PHYSIC QUANTISTIC

Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

Philippe Bobola

Philosophiae Doctor in Physics

Son parcours a d'abord commence' par un Doctorat en physique, puis la biologie qui l'a fait penetrer la complexite du vivant et pour finir l'anthropologie, la psychanalyse adlerienne et le coaching sont venus completer de facon evidente et naturelle cet itineraire de - cherchant -

Giovanni Vota

Ing. Giovanni Vota

Video of the Ing. Giovanni Vota on the discoveries of Einstein and Jung

Spiritual Quantum Regression

How quantum physics explains consciousness awakening

Reality does not happen, you make it happen: how? Eng. Giovanni Vota explains it in this video.

Superconscious, Conscious, Unconscious and Beliefs | Conference of 25 January 2019.

Abundance of love and economic abundance

Meditation, hypnotic states and quantum physics

Imre Ferenc Barna

Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Imre Ferenc Barna Currently works at the Wigner Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at the ELI-ALPS in Szeged. Imre does research in laser-matter interaction and analytic solutions of non-linear PDEs of flows.

Costantino Mazzanobile d'Arargona

Conte - Philosophiae Doctor (PhD)

Costantino Mazzanobile of Aragon, professor of natural medicine and naturopath and medical-scientific writer. He is a member of the global scientific committee of longevity and of the medical research center of the New York University Hospital medical Center. President of the Aloe Solidale non-profit organization and expert in the research of Prof. John Lee on natural progesterone and SPM.

Dr. Paola Caddeo

Gemologist with a great passion for natural products, after her experience in the use of medical and complementary therapies she decided to create a universe of wellness as a meeting point with all the people who want to approach natural products for themselves and their animals Pets.

Stefano Varjas


Istvan Attila Varjas - Autodidact, Intuitive, Inventions, 'Pettifogging' Nuclear and Theoretical PhysicistInventor - Researcher.

Foundation Teslianum  ( Belgrado )

Teslianum is the first small and medium company in South-Eastern Europe which began expertise in the field of providing advisory services in the field of market research studies as a basis for strategic positioning definition of different target groups: industrial companies, SMEs, non-profitable organisations, chambers of commerce, industrial associations, cities and local municipalities..

Foundation Gustavo Adolfo ROL ( Torino )

Gustavo Adolfo ROL

Fondazione Gustavo ROL di Torino

Gustavo Adolfo Rol (Turin, 20 June 1903 - Turin, 22 September 1994) was an Italian spiritual master of the twentieth century, endowed with charisms or siddhis of extraordinary variety and extension, not yet accepted or proven by official science, but in agreement with the spiritual tradition of all peoples.

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Grand Prior Magister
Domizio Cipriani

Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco


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Order of Knights Templar Principality of Monaco

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Event occurred!  Grand Templar Chapter
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Spiritual Philosofy applied Academy

Our Monegasque Association deals with humanitarian aid and the coordination of joint actions, and has within it a Think Tank, a center for social sciences and unified physics, called: IECA ( International Ecumenical Christian Assembly ). The coaching of the study center of the Ordre des Templiers de Jerusalem of the Principality of Monaco is a support, a personal development methodology in which the teacher supports the student, in reaching a specific personal, professional or sports goal. To access this opportunity with a limited number, it will be necessary to demonstrate all the physical and ethical requirements for admission to the order as a Benefactor member.

For this reason, the registration request and the information of the aspiring "Benefactor members" will be included in a list awaiting approval.

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