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"The Secret of the Militias Temples"

Before the assault of Roman troops at the Temple of King Solomon, some priests who had been warned of the imminent danger, thought of hiding the most sacred treasures for the Jewish people, in the basement of the Temple itself. According to the existing documentation, King Salomone at the time had commissioned the construction of the Temple to a talented architect, who had also collaborated in the Egyptian buildings and who had specifically filled the undergrounds with mazes and traps, in order to make them inaccessible. The heart of the Temple was a secret room of the underground, called "Sancta Sanctorum". In this room King Solomon therefore had the most precious things belonging to the Jewish people hidden, such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Laws of Moses'. When the Romans sacked the Temple and destroyed it, they did not find what was hidden in the basement. Moreover, before the assault, the priests had completed an inventory of everything that had been hidden, indicating precisely where the goods had been stored, so as to allow future generations to recover them.

Domizio Cipriani - Gran Prior - Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco

Domizio Cipriani
Grand Prior Magistral

The excavations of the Templars:

Some of these priests managed to escape the massacre perpetrated by the Roman troops, precisely hiding in these dungeons. Later, unable to remain in Palestine, they left for Europe and scattered across the continent. They then formed family units, which were handed down, from father to son, what they considered "the secret of the Temple". The recovery of the treasures under the ruins of the Temple, was carried out in secrecy, so as not to arouse the anger of the Arab population of Jerusalem and then because the Jews would not have tolerated that they dug themselves right under the ruins of their sacred Temple. Here then is that the "Rex Deus" had the idea of founding a monastic and military Order, the only one of its kind: the "Templars". With the wishes of the great Saint Bernard, who strongly wanted this order and papal authorization, they took their positions in Jerusalem, just above the ruins of the Temple. The Templars were the largest organization for the recovery of religious archaeological finds throughout the Middle Ages. A difficult and difficult task, which was carried out with great obstinacy. Once they had settled in Jerusalem, they began excavations with patience, ingenuity and will, reaching a depth of over 30 meters below the Temple esplanade. Then they dug a deep well that reached the "Sancta Sanctorum", the most secret cell of the Temple, where the Ark of the Covenant, containing the tablets of the Law, had been hidden with the Commandments given by God himself to Moses. These dungeons, which were a veritable labyrinth, followed all the measures taken to protect the Egyptian pyramids. But exactly what did the Templars find under the ruins of the Temple? Certainly something of great importance. First of all, very many documents, the copy of which was also brought by the priests to "Qumran", a location not far from Jerusalem, in the desert of Judah, on the shores of the Dead Sea.

The "Qumram Scrolls" and the Essenes:

This place is very famous, because in 1947, during a campaign of archaeological excavations carried out by the Israeli government, many terracotta vases were found, containing some copper rolls: the famous "Dead Sea Scrolls". Qumran was the citadel capital of a tribe: the Essenes (in the archaic language, the word "esseno" means "holy"). It seems that the Essenes did indeed save many other documents from the Temple of Solomon, just before the destruction carried out by the Roman troops. Some of these scrolls contained, as already mentioned, a precise and detailed description of what had been hidden in the basement of the Temple.

The knowledge of the Templars:

The Templars brought to light extraordinary finds, such as the True Cross, the Shroud and perhaps also the Ark of the Covenant and the Grail, as well as documents of capital importance for the understanding of Christian and Jewish doctrines. They took possession of secrets that no one had known before. From here on, however, the history of the Templars turns yellow and the chronicle begins to become legend. At the time, it was said that the Templars were aware of esoteric secrets and of oriental magic and even that they had given themselves to witchcraft. All this might seem perhaps fascinating, but there is nothing more false. What is true, supported by historical texts and incontrovertible proof, is that the Templars made of knowledge and gnosis (ie the penetration of the mysteries of the divine), the purpose of their own life. According to some esoteric conceptions, anyone who possessed the Ark with the Tablets of the Divine Law, would also have obtained great wisdom and knowledge. And in fact we know how much the Templars kept to the knowledge, considering that for this reason many of them were persecuted, tortured and killed. Being in continuous contact with the oriental civilizations, at that time much more advanced than the European ones, the Templars learned to use very particular instruments, such as the astrolabe and the abacus, and learned astronomy and alchemy (which does not is nothing but modern chemistry). With the Council of Nicea of 325 AD, the Emperor Constantine had declared the Gnosis heretical, and decreed the Catholic faith as the only religion of the Empire. It was thus that the Gnostics entered into hiding and also the families who referred to the initiatory teachings of Jesus the Assenus, known as the Christ, also took the name of "Rex Deus". Of the "Rex Deus" - who apparently continued to practice Catholicism - were part of the greatest noble families of the Middle Ages, including the royal Saxons of England and the Capetian of France, (who claimed their direct descent from Mary Magdalene , bride of Christ, and from Jesus himself).

The twelve Commandments of the modern Templar:

1. Always remember, the example of the old Templars, and the principles of our Charter.
2. Fight without rest for the rights of the human person and the defense of the weakest and the oppressed.
3. You also fight for the protection of universal human values.
4. Start improving yourself before pretending to improve others and the world around you.
5. Conform your life to your deep convictions, without hypocrisy and always respecting the beliefs of others.
6. Always be sincere in your intentions, loyal to your behavior.
7. Always be faithful to your commitments and honor the word you have given.
8. Don't really love anything as much as spirituality, fraternity and friendship.
9. Always prefer dialogue and concertation, to confrontation and to war.
10. Courageously confront all the difficulties with which you are confronted, knowing that you have found in yourself and in the elevated principles, the strength necessary to cross this field of experiences and evolution.
11. Never forget that your freedom stopped where the freedom of others begins.
12. Never forget that the value of a human being rests in what it really is, not in what it has or appears to be.

Who is Domizio Cipriani ?

Domizio Cipriani - Gran Prior - Order of Knights Templar - Principality of Monaco

Domizio Cipriani, today 'Prior' of the Order of the Knights Templar, of the Principality of Monaco, tells his story of transformation in his book "The Secret of the Milites Temples". After a successful and materially and economically successful life, it reaches a point where it feels a higher need. Reconsidering his past and his professional achievements in real estate, he understands that the mere aspiration to accumulate wealth cannot be enough, and that in the long run he risks leading to unhappiness and inner poverty. In the book he says: "In my work I managed to create an immense real estate patrimony from practically nothing, but every time I could never fully exploit what I had achieved, because it was always taken away for various reasons. Misfortune? Crisis? Economic situation unfavorable? No, selfishness! " This is how Domizio Cipriani begins a path of energetic and spiritual growth, which begins with some readings on the process of illumination. One day, after receiving a specific inner message urging him to "take action" to help others, he decides to undertake a fundraiser to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. An action, altruistic and very concrete. No longer money for its own sake, but money as a tool to realize the good of others. It is this first gesture that gives him a "mystical" experience of gratitude. These are his words: "I experienced an emotion never felt before: I felt an intense and radiant light that was enveloping me. Finally I had passed to action and I understood the sense of gratification that was felt, a superior emotion and not comparable to any cash prize. Since then I have certainly had more faith, I realized what it means to take action. " The growth of Domizio Cipriani, also relies on the practice of ancient oriental martial arts, which accompany him on his path of expansion and awareness of the energy body. He states that just at the moment when the subtle energy of man is perceived, the physical plane assumes extreme value, an obligatory passage for ascension to a higher consciousness. The earthly experience is not only necessary, but it is also the key to achieving joy and bliss. The words of Domizio Cipriani, in this regard, are simple and communicative: "Enjoy the body, enjoy the physical existence; hidden within the material world is your spiritual growth. It is only when you are tired of the material pleasures that you ask yourself: is there something more in life? When the awakened soul takes possession of your being, you will realize that earthly pleasures were not even a shadow of what true life is. ... and this bliss is not opposed, nor is it in contrast or in conflict with pleasure " From "The Secret of the Milites Temples", by Domizio Cipriani, Prior of the Ordre des Templiers of Jerusalem, Principaute 'de Monaco.

He has no affiliation with the Masonry.   Strangers to the galaxy of Orders bins or Neo-Templar associations, Masonic, initiatory with great masters self-proclaimed from nothing, without any legitimate knowledge or transcendence, created solely for social avarice, for business or to collect money.


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